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Produções científicas

No nosso serviço, a investigação ocupa um lugar de relevo, contribuindo para o rigor imposto na nossa prática clínica. Assim, deixamos-lhe uma listagem das publicações científicas mais relevantes da autoria da nossa equipa.

  • Costa, A. M., Alves, R., Castro, S. L., Vicente, S., & Silva, S. (2020). Exploring the Effects of Guided vs. Unguided Art Therapy Methods. Behavioral Sciences, 10(3), 65. doi:10.3390/bs10030065


  • Cruz, M., Butler, J., Severino, C., Filipe, M., & Frota, S. (2020). Eyes or mouth? Exploring eye gaze patterns and their relation with early stress perception in European Portuguese. Journal of Portuguese Linguistics, 19(1). doi:10.5334/jpl.240


  • Filipe, M., Castro, S. L., & Limpo, T. (2020). The link between executive functions and literacy: introduction. Reading and Writing, 1-6. doi:10.1007/s11145-020-10037-1


  • Limpo, T., Filipe, M., Magalhães, S., Cordeiro, C., Veloso, A., Castro, S. L., & Graham, S. (2020). Development and validation of instruments to measure Portuguese third graders’ reasons to write and self-efficacy. Reading and Writing, 1-32. doi:10.1007/s11145-020-10039-z


  • Magalhães, S., Carneiro, L., Limpo, T., & Filipe, M. (2020). Executive functions predict literacy and mathematics achievements: The unique contribution of cognitive flexibility in grades 2, 4, and 6. Child Neuropsychology, 1-19. doi:10.1080/09297049.2020.1740188


  • Magalhães, S., Mesquita, A., Filipe, M., Veloso, A., Castro, S. L., & Limpo, T. (2020). Spelling Performance of Portuguese Children: Comparison Between Grade Level, Misspelling Type, and Assessment Task. Frontiers in Psychology, 11, 547. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2020.00547


  • Veloso, A., Vicente, S. G., & Filipe, M. G. (2020). Effectiveness of Cognitive Training for School-Aged Children and Adolescents With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Systematic Review. Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 2983. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2019.02983


  • Vicente, S. G., Rivera, D., Barbosa, F., Gaspar, N., Dores, A. R., Mascialino, G., & Arango-Lasprilla, J. C. (2020). Normative data for tests of attention and executive functions in a sample of European Portuguese adult population. Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition, 1-20. doi:10.1080/13825585.2020.1781768


  • Sepúlveda, E., Poínhos, R., Nata, G., Carvalho, D., Neves, J. S., Seixas, D., … Amiel, S. A. (2020). Differentiating Hypoglycemia Awareness Status from Hypoglycemia Experience in Tools for Measuring Impaired Awareness of Hypoglycemia. Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, 22(7), 541–545. doi:10.1089/dia.2020.0034

  • Rocha, R. S., Filipe, M., Magalhães, S., Graham, S., & Limpo, T. (2019). Reasons to write in grade 6 and their association with writing quality. Frontiers in psychology, 10, 2157. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2019.02157

  • Moreira, H. S., Costa, A. S., Machado, Á., Castro, S. L., Lima, C. F., & Vicente, S. G. (2019). Distinguishing mild cognitive impairment from healthy aging and Alzheimer’s Disease: The contribution of the INECO Frontal Screening (IFS). PloS one, 14(9), e0221873. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0221873

  • Filipe, M. G., Veloso, A., Frota, S., & Vicente, S. G. (2019). Executive functions and pragmatics in children with high-functioning autism. Reading and Writing, 33(4), 859-875. doi:10.1007/s11145-019-09975-2

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